The Story of the Lerxst Omega

In 2012, Mojotone was contacted by Geddy Lee’s bass tech, John “Skully” McIntosh. Alex Lifeson was in search of an amp to use on their upcoming Clockwork Angels tour. He had used a Marshall Silver Jubilee in the studio and was having a hard time finding something reliable to use on the road. Skully knew that Mojotone had an arsenal of amp kits and parts at our disposal, and was also aware that Mojotone did contract manufacturing for other amp companies.  He asked us to build him something close to a Jubilee and told us he needed it delivered to Canada in one week.  We quickly put Mojotone tech Steve Snyder to task building this new amp. Steve put in more than a few long nights and added a few of his own ideas to the classic design. One week later the new “Lerxst Omega” amp was delivered to Alex where the band was rehearsing for the tour that was only two weeks away.  We knew the amp sounded good when it left but Alex’s response was much more than we ever expected:

“I am so blown away by the fantastic job you and your colleagues have done creating the Lerxst amp for me.  We pulled the Marshall last night after A/B-ing the two.  The tonal character is quite similar but the response of the Lerxst has greater immediacy, sustain and grip.  It sounds so good!” 

Alex Lifeson Lead Guitarist, Rush

Alex immediately commissioned us to build a second amp to use in his backup rig on the road. Lerxst #002 was delivered the day of their first show in Manchester, New Hampshire.