Alex Lifeson & Chad Smith Podcast, Part 3

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If you’ve been following MusicRadar’s new podcast series, In Conversation, with famed Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, you’ve been enjoying a new kind of interview – a relaxed, lively and intimate artist-to-artist chat. “The invisible interview,” Smith calls it.

That’s an apt description for what happened last April, when Smith welcomed his first guest to In Conversation, legendary Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson. The two sat down to dinner at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood, California, and over the course of two hours they talked about a host of topics both professional and highly personal, everything from Lifeson’s first teenaged date with his now wife of 37 years, Charlene, to Neil Peart’s efforts to put his life back together and regain his drumming prowess after enduring incredible personal tragedies.

Which is where we pick things up in Part Three, which is presented below, as Lifeson recalls Rush’s first emotional show in Hartford, Connecticut, in 2002, after the band’s five-year hiatus. Smith and Lifeson then segue into a spirited discussion about the mysteries of band chemistry, how technology has changed the musical landscape for both musicians and fans, and the challenges of balancing a home life with the rigors of the road. (Before listening to Part Three, you can click here for Part One and here for Part Two.)

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